Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch are founders and senior pastors of New Beginnings Church in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Their 40 years of ministry spans 2 continents and 7 churches. Pastor Larry has pioneered teaching in the area of breaking family curses and is a leading authority in restoring the Church to its Judeo-Christian roots.  The Huchs are driven by a passionate commitment to see people succeed in every area of life.

Pastors Larry and Tiz invite you to join them on an incredible devotional and prayer journey called 50 Days to a Better You! Based on the 50 days from Passover to Pentecost, this is an amazing opportunity to experience spiritual growth and prepare yourself for the coming outpouring of wisdom, anointing and prosperity when the day of Pentecost fully comes.

Passover, also known as Pesach, is when we remember Israel coming out of the slavery and bondage of Egypt. It is also when the Lord was crucified and resurrected. Passover represents the salvation experience, when believers come out of sin and enter into a new beginning!

Pentecost, also known as Shavuot – the Festival of Weeks – is the celebration of the giving of the 10 Commandments to Israel. It is also when God sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples in the book of Acts.

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The 50-day journey between Passover and Pentecost has always symbolized a time of spiritual growth and transformation… When God takes you to a greater outpouring of wisdom, anointing and prosperity.

During these 50 days, you will receive a daily devotional email that will:

  • Inspire you to pursue God in a deeper way than you ever have before.
  • Transform your life through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Help you discover biblical revelation from the Word of God that will change your life.

Start your own journey today and begin to walk towards the amazing spiritual destiny God has planned for your life… It’s just 50 Days to a Better You!

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